Miserable weather; some more D800E test-shots

Weather has been miserable again of late, so I haven’t sadly been able to take the new camera out into the field.  Managed one or two snaps of some nice Clematis in my front garden this evening on my return home from work; interesting shots just to check out how much I can push the dynamic range, and how close I can crop before noise starts to show up.

All three shots below are identical processings of the same raw file (no noise reduction applied, no capture sharpening), with the first being full-frame FX and the subsequent two tighter crops.  Again, these are really just quick snaps – if I were taking these shots properly, I would try to use base ISO and a tripod, and if handheld at least try not to underexpose too much.

Shot handheld, ISO 1250 1/250 f/16 with circular polarizer and SB600 diffused; exposure slider shoved up to +0.85 to correct for underexposure in ACR.  Once in photoshop, midtones adjusted to 1.1 in levels, and linear contrast curve applied; downsized to 1024 vertical, three rounds of smart sharpening applied at  100/0.2.

Results aren’t at all bad!  Phenomenal dynamic range of D800E evident in extent to which underexposure can be corrected.  Noise control very good – likelihood that I would just add some capture noise-reduction at a slightly lower ISO level than with the D3S (for which I only start to add 25% at ISO 2500).  Not very many occasions when shooting macro that I would ever really want to shoot over ISO 2500 now anyway, even with the polarizer as a semi-permanent fixture on the lens.  With the D3S I have an A3 print of a macro shot originally at ISO 5000, where capture noise reduction was applied at 40%, and the print is entirely noise-free; the D800E isn’t quite in this ballpark, but not too far behind I think.





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