Anomalous Ophrys – possibly Ophrys herae x regis-ferdinandii : a new hybrid, one-off for Samos

Back to Samos…

On the penultimate day of my trip when I found my Samos site 3 (see my earlier post ‘Top Samos Orchid Sites (3)‘), near the Aghia Triada Monastery, I discovered nearby a most unusual single plant.  The most similar species to this extraordinary plant is the Samos-endemic Ophrys herae, but this individual plant is much more brown in the lip, and has monstrose lateral sepals which have partly mutated into lips.  This plant doesn’t appear at all like any other Greek bee-orchids I’ve investigated, and recently Monika Hirth has suggested to me the plausible hypothesis that this may be a natural hybrid between Ophrys herae and Ophrys regis-ferdinandii : a most unusual hybrid indeed because of the limited geographic range of regis-ferdinandii in addition to the rarity of herae.  Very cool!


14/04/13, 92m altitude

Nikon D3S/200f4micro/cpl

ISO 200 1/10 f/18


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