Fish Face!

Another one of my ‘guess what this is’ Lithops shots!  Again, this is a special green/yellow form.  Rather unusually, however, the plant ‘leaves’ on this specimen are pretty large for a Lithops, since this plant is rather old: my father received it in the 1960s from the original discoverer, and has been growing it ever since!

Lithops lesliei f. albinica detail

Same technique as before; interesting that the cell details on this one only appear in the darker greens and not the lighter colours.  I cloned out some of the surface debris to tidy up the shot a little, but left some grains of sand in the ‘mouth area’ to suggest fish food! 🙂

Stack of 10 frames
Nikon D3S/200f4micro/cpl/68mm extension
ISO 200 1/2 f/16


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