Lithops pseudotruncatella detail


Here’s my final post of the day.  Very pleased with this shot, partly because I tried for something similar earlier in the year but wasn’t as happy with the result.  I previsualized the shot once I had chosen my subject and specific plant: I knew I wanted to get an ultra-close-up shot of an individual Lithops head, showing both the individual cells that make up the surface, and the central slit which is typical of this particular species.  Getting this shot is a bit of a technical challenge, however: my previous best effort had been a single shot at f/36 using the 200f4 lens and a full set of extension tubes.  Though the effect was certainly striking, technically it wasn’t perfect because at f/36 the diffraction I had introduced meant that I had neither quite enough sharpness; also, I didn’t quite have enough detail in the surface because even at this aperture, depth of field still wasn’t sufficient.

So my latest shot is a stack with very small adjustments made between frames using my Novoflex rack.  This is roughly 1.3x life-size, and the detail in the individual cells makes this one of my favourite macro shots.  Very defamiliarizing even if you are familiar with these extraordinary Lithops plants!

Nikon D3S/200f4micro/68mm extension/cpl
Stack of 9 frames
ISO 200 1/4 f/16


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