Eastern Festoon


Another reason for a visit to Samos: this was another one for the butterfly life-list.  Quite a common species as it happened, although its distribution is restricted to Northern Greece, the Southern Balkans, and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey down to Israel.

Potami Bay, Northern Samos, 9th April 2013

Nikon D3S/200f4micro/cpl

ISO 2000 1/640 f/16 handheld

One of the occasions when I went for a quick walk to look for orchids and left half of the camera gear in the car…  I found this female attempting to lay eggs, so it stayed put for long enough for a photo session in a relatively small area of flowers.  But I was without my flash and flash bracket, and didn’t dare dash back to the car for them, so had to shoot handheld without them – hence the higher shutter speed.  I don’t think the results are too shabby, though the subject allowed me neither a perfectly parallel view nor a perfectly clean background.  Even at ISO 2000 with the D3S I didn’t bother with any noise reduction, though just a little is showing up slighly in some background areas.

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