Orchis italica


aka Naked Man Orchid

One of the common sights at the roadside throughout Samos.

Pagondas-Spatharaioi road, Samos, Greece
Nikon D3S/200f4micro/cpl
ISO 200 1/50 f/4.2

For this kind of shot it’s obviously crucial to have a tripod that goes down to ground level. I shot wide open, and used LiveView to help with the composition and precise focus.  It’s easy to miss the precise point of focus if you just shoot manually and judge by eye when shooting like this: you really have to zoom in on the preview screen to get it right (and hope your subject doesn’t move!).

One thought on “Orchis italica

  1. And somewhat ironically, given that this was taken on the first morning of my trip, this was after only about 30mins sleep after an overnight flight from London via Athens. I guess it’s always the way that the best conditions (overcast still weather with some wet foliage for additional colour saturation) come when you’re in the least good shape to take full advantage – this one came out fine, but lack of sleep does make you concentrate rather more on what you’re doing!

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