Ophrys mammosa




Another of the more numerous Bee Orchids from Samos. I found these in flower at 4 different sites, ranging from single individuals to a colony of 15 along the main road between Pyrgos and Karlovasi. I found this one on the first morning of my visit, one among a small group of 6.

Something which I have to be self-conscious about and internalize for future reference for trips like this is awareness of the balance between natural history and photography. What I mean by this is the balance between trying to find lots of species and lots of locations, and taking lots of technically good photographs. Though I managed this in some ways better on this trip than in the past, I would still have liked to have come away with more photographs of certain species, such as this one.

Macro photography with a tripod and the associated paraphernalia certainly slows you down and makes you appreciate the subject and surroundings more, and certainly improves one’s patience levels, but there are equally times when tiredness or indeed the excitement of the hunt get the better of you and your photography: inevitable to some degree, I guess.
Roadside south of Pyrgos, central Samos, Greece, on a wet morning
Nikon D3S/200f4micro/cpl
ISO 200 1/50 f/4.5
Crop from full frame



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