Top Samos Orchid Sites (1)

Trackside through scrub near Palaeochorio, Western Samos (straight on and also downhill from the water tank and parking area at 37° 41.609’N 26° 35.465’E)

In this general area I found the following 11 species:

Serapias orientalis var. carica

Serapias bergonii

Ophrys ferrum-equinum

Ophrys sicula

Ophrys iricolor

Ophrys pelinaea

Ophrys leochroma (a colony of 27 plants on my count, low growing by the side of the track straight on past the water tank beneath the cistus bushes on the left)

Orchis picta var. caucasica

Orchis anatolica

Orchis italica

Anacamptis pyramidalis

This site was also good for butterflies.  The following species were all seen here:

Large White, Eastern Dappled White, Orange Tip, Scarce Swallowtail, Green Hairstreak, Long-tailed Blue, Green-underside Blue, Painted Lady, Clouded Yellow, Mallow Skipper


Not a bad little spot, eh?



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