Top Samos Orchid Sites (3)

Scrub above track for about 50 metres between Aghia Triada monastery and main road between Hora and Mytilinii (roughly 37° 42.431’N 26° 55.236’E), 98m altitude.

A nice little area which I chanced upon on my way back from a drive around the monastery area.  Road pretty rocky and narrow in places, so 4×4 recommended, (though you could walk up from the main road just less than a mile away).  You often happen upon new sites once you get your eye in for the right kind of habitat; on the tracks you have to drive slowly anyway, so you can try to spot orchids at the roadside.

Serapias parviflora

Orchis italica

Orchis anatolica

Anacamptis pyramidalis

Ophrys regis-ferdinandii

Ophrys sicula

Ophrys iricolor

Ophrys pelinaea

Ophrys mammosa

Ophrys ? (which will be the subject of another blog entry in due course)

Barlia robertiana (over)

Samos Site 3 with Ophrys regis-ferdinandii in habitat, on the flat just above the pine needles



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